Mostly Asked Questions

Is Deskpool free?

Deskpool has a free Edition.

Trial Edition Free Edition Standard Edition
Time Limitations 30 Days Forever Forever
User Sessions 100 25 Number of purchases
UserData Disk OK NO OK
HA Cluster OK NO OK
Remote Deployment OK
Support one year support

Is DoraOS free?

DoraOS has a free Edition.

DoraOS Free Edition has only RDP connection. DoraOS Standard Edition support all connection types.

You can request the Free Edition active code on the support channel.

How to get price?

Pls contact us for price! Email:

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How do I switch to the free version?

Apply for and use Deskpool software licenses

After Deskpool is installed, it will be tried for 30 days by default. If you have purchased a software license, you can apply for a license.

Send the Server Identification Code to the Deskpool vendor to obtain the commercial License file.

As shown in the picture, select “Browse”, select the license file you received, and then click “Update”.

After the License update is completed, check the License information to see if it is correct.