Deskpool is a VDI system with Multiple Hypervisor supported.


Product Features


Deskpool support multiple hypervisor Hyper-V, Proxmox VE(KVM),VMware vSphere, XenServer.


Deskpool VDI Manager is released as a virtual appliance. The virtual appliance include Linux, Distribute Database, VDI Connection Broker, User & Admin Portal, Cluster Manager and LoadBalance.

One Click to deploy Deskpool VDI Manager.


Deskpool cluster adopts symmetric clustering architecture, all nodes are active, and all nodes participate in the processing of desktop session request. When a node fails, other nodes in the cluster take over the workload and continue to process the desktop session. The nodes in the cluster are in the state of load balancing. Nodes in the cluster can share the workload and improve the performance and scalability of the whole cluster.