Template tools

Template tools ISO include

  1. Windows VDI optimize script
  2. Deskpool agent & rdp accelerator
  3. Script to disable windows update

Download Deskpool Template Tools

Please refer to the ScreenShot of create template

Step 1: Create a windows 10 virtual machine on Proxmox

Step 2: First install the PV driver of the virtualization platform in Windows 10.

Hyper-V platform : Windows 10 has a built-in Hyper-V integrated service, which does not need to be installed separately.

Proxmox platform : Virtio driver needs to be installed. Please download Download Windows VirtIO Drivers ISO, install Qemu-Agent driver

VMware platform : Install VMware-Guest-Tools.

If the installation is normal, check the properties of the virtual machine in the virtualization platform, and you need to be able to see the IP address of the virtual machine.

Step 3: Mount DoraCloud_Template_Tools.ISO as a CD-ROM drive to the Windows 10 VM

Step 4: Run cmd as an administrator, and execute StartPrepareImage.bat in cmd

StartPrepareImage.bat mainly completes three tasks

  1. Execute optimized script of Windows 10 desktop template
  2. Install RDP optimization package and DeskpoolAgent
  3. Prohibit the automatic update of Windows 10.

Step 4: Restart VM and log in with administrator account

Restart the Windows 10 VM, and log in to the desktop template as Administrator 123456. After entering, delete the previous account. Use Administrator as the default account for the template.

Finally, create desktop template from Deskpool admin portal

you will go to the Deskpool management system, and make a desktop template according to the wizard by making a template operation.

The above is the process of the Windows 10 template. The default account of the template can also use other accounts instead of Administrator.